The Journal of Philadelphia Waterfront Heritage & Archaeology

Current Issue: Volume 1 2016

Digging I-95: A “Smart” Report

By Mark Petrovich and Chester Cunanan

The Digging I-95 interactive report is a web-based application, created by AECOM, which aims to expand the capabilities of traditional printed technical reports. Through its online format, the Digging I-95 website offers the public greater access to previously hard-to-find information and encourages customization and unique levels of interaction. It also affords report authors and editors the ability to make edits and comments in real time while communicating directly with one another. This real-time collaboration allows for a faster system of editing and approval, using technology to streamline the original process. For the discerning public, each digital report on the website is accompanied by a bevy of multimedia capabilities—from image galleries of artifacts, excavations, historic maps, and figures to interactive 3D artifacts, explorable maps, tangential information, sortable databases, and expanded multi-tiered levels of information. Each report is universally accessible for desktop and mobile devices, with the content conforming to fit the particular platform being used.